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Banknote Processing System HJL Series
Download:Banknote Processing System HJL Series
Brief Description
HJL banknote packing system series, based on decades of experiences and leading technology for banding and strapping, combined with banknote recognition, automation control, intelligent statistical software, integrated with stamping, labeling, banding, strapping and shrink-wrapping modules, efficiently increase safety and reduce operator workload.

*        Wise choice for cash center, CIT & casino
*        Modular design, customized function configuration
*        Special design to work with any existing sorters.
*        Pre-banding and info. printing, banknote bundles traceable
*        System control software, operation controllable, alarm indication
*        Customized layout solution, sorter position extendable, excellent processing capacity
Distinctive Features:
*         Automatically sort fit/ATM/unfit banknotes, separately deliver and process.
*         Serial No. of banknotes can be recorded and traceable (optional)
*         Special design to combine with sorting machines, can work with any existing sorting solutions.
*         Modular design, stamping, labeling, banding, strapping and shrink-wrapping modules can be freely integrated.
*         Individual layout solution, sorter position extendable, easily to improve processing capacity.
*         Customized software design, intelligent control.
*         Totally-enclosed operation environment, efficiently reduce risk.
*         Environmental protection, dust extraction, smell-removing, noise reduction, thermal insulation.

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