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Security Seal
Download:Security Seal
Brief Description
The sealing tail is inserted into the hole on sealing buckle to lock up. To open it, you need to destroy it for one-off use.
 Security feature
  • Logo, brand and serial number could be engraved on sealing buckle at user request, convenient for user management.
  • All data is engraved by Laser, non-repeated, non-changeable, indelibility.Easy and standard for security management.
  • Sealing buckle is embedded with toothed stainless steel wafer, strengthen its security
  • Optional color: White, Blue, Red
Sealing for Cash Box, Cash Bag
Sealing of ATM note box
Sealing of Mailbag, Container
Delivery of internal bills and important credentials within banks
Delivery guarantee slip of Insurance Company
Delivery of precious goods of Jewelry Company
Delivery of internal cash bills within Electricity Company and Gasoline Station
Charging joining for large-sized Supermarket or Department Store              
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