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Chairman Message
                                                                          Chairman Message
 I wouldn’t care whether I can succeed,
Since distance is of my choice, I could only march forward with trials and hardships.
I ever experienced the confusion, struggle, hardship, suffering, joy and success with you who left the footprints in Huijinalso I will walk along in the unfinished journey and enjoy the pleasure of exploring with you who I never met before. The scenery on the road will be more colorful, because you are here.
I have a wish of gathering all the talents to create “China manufacturing” with state-of-art quality, and to requite the society.
I bear a responsibility of building a dream stage for employees, creating maximum value for customers, and sustaining profit for shareholders.
Huijin, based on banking and financial equipment industry, will continually improve innovative, manufacturing and service competence, always follow the development trend of internationalization and advanced technologies. We will break the traditional manufacturing mode, and put tireless efforts on modern manufacturing that combines intelligent robots and interconnect technology.
Since my goal is to reach the horizon, only my back is in face of the world.

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