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Coverbind Corporation, Continues Its Market Growth with Focus
editor:admin  |  CopyFrom:PRWEB, NC, USA  |  UpdateTime:2011-06-20  |  hits:
Coverbind Corporation, an innovative, international company dedicated to providing top quality business solutions for professional document finishing, has announced today that it will expand its market growth to universities with the Coverbind binding machine and covers a professional binding solution for teachers, staff and students.
Coverbind’s binding solutions, that include a variety of hard and soft covers, can be used for thesis presentations, dissertations or any important student paper for a lasting and professional impression. Professors, teachers and staff also benefit by providing perfectly bound reports within seconds to their students or colleagues.
“The Coverbind 5000 tabletop binder is the most efficient binding system I have used in my 32 years of in-plant printing. My customers love the professional look and quality of the clear covers. I recommend clear Coverbinding to anyone who is seeking high-quality and efficient binding,” says Rick Miller, Duplicating Supervisor at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.
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